Hackers Want Your Home Computers

Here’s What You Can Do To Stop It The most dangerous attitude you can have about your home computer is thinking a hacker wouldn’t want to access it. Hackers aren’t only after sensitive personal information anymore. Your personal computer carries the same risks as the one you have at work. So, why would a hacker want to […]

Is Your WiFi Home Security Camera Making You Vulnerable to Hackers?

Home surveillance, WiFi-enabled cameras, remote monitoring… all great ideas for home security… unless your camera gets hacked. At Newave, we are concerned about your business information security, but we are also concerned about the people we serve. Here is some useful information to ensure that your home security camera system isn’t vulnerable to hackers. The […]

Data Disaster Recovery Plans: 5 things Newave will do for you

Backing up your data is not a new concept. We all know that it is necessary; but it seems that the time and attention needed to do it properly can be overwhelming. Partnering with an IT solutions provider like Newave Solutions can make it easier. See the Newave Solutions website for more information. Why are […]

Newave’s Culture Drives Client Service and Satisfaction

Recognizing the talent that provides clients with the best service is just one part of your Newave experience. Congratulations to Jeremi Waddell, our March 2019 winner, for excellence in client satisfaction. #NewaveServesIT Great employees for Newave means great customer service and satisfaction for you and your business. Newave is always looking ahead and developing the […]

It’s tax (fraud) season again. How safe is your Personally Identifiable Information?

The IRS continues to crack down on tax refund fraud; scammers keep finding ways to steal your money and your identity. Cybersecurity is top of mind to help prevent financial disaster. We have some ways to protect yourself and your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Newave Solutions – Click or Call Last tax season, the Internal […]

Your Digital Privacy #NewaveSecuresIT

How much thought do you put into your digital footprint and privacy? It’s not just about deleting your browser history or having a great password. Text messaging, installed apps, public wi-fi, and even old online accounts you no longer use are a risk. Here are some tips to help you retain your privacy. Secure your […]

Dark Web. Clearnet. Deep Web. What does it mean?

At Newave we try to share information about technology, but it is difficult to avoid industry jargon. We’ve been posting on social media lately about passwords and breached data being traded and sold on the Dark Web… So, what is that? Isn’t there just one “web”? It sounds very nefarious. Dark Web, Backweb, Onionweb. However, […]

5G security issues? Are you ready?

On our Newave Facebook page, we recently shared a video about 5G networks, and the IT staff is buzzing with concerns. Why? Because Newave experts are already aware of the 5G security vulnerabilities in this emerging technology. The current concern with 5G networks is authentication security. A Cornell University analysis abstract states, “we find that some […]

The Biggest Phish Story of 2018

Just this month, the FBI warned that there was a 60% increase in 2018 in fake email schemes that aim at stealing money or tax data. Phishing attacks aren’t new, but the realization of the impact to business infrastructure and economy is wide reaching. Integrity in marketing and specifically email communication is at the center […]

Boost Your Employee’s Cybersecurity Training

While cyberattacks remain the no. 1 business risk in North America, only one in four employees are aware of the most common cyber security threats—including phishing attacks, ransomware, and impersonation—according to a Wednesday report from Mimecast. The report surveyed more than 1,000 employees who operate company-issued devices to see how much employees know about cybersecurity […]