Is Your Mobile Device Management Policy Right for Your Company and Your Employees?


MDM stands for Mobile Device Management, and your office may have a policy in place already. MDMs help a business control available resources, internet bandwidth, and protect against virus and malware transmission.


While businesses are ready to implement MDM policies for employees to opt-in to with their personal mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.), employees are concerned about the privacy of their personal data, app use, browsing history, images, and backups.


Mobile device policies are necessary to keep an organization’s data secure. But, is the MDM you have in place, or the one you are evaluating, right for your company and your employees?


Newave works with you and your key employees to develop a customized plan that works for your business environment. We start with understanding your business operations, the type of data that needs security, and we find solutions to best fit your company culture.


We Make IT about You.

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