6 Most Popular Cyberattack Methods

Are cyberattacks really a problem? Is it just hype? – No, it’s not just hype; and here’s why…


Cyberattacks are on an increase this year.  According to a report by Positive Technologies, Q2 2018 demonstrates a startling increase by 47% in cyberattacks over Q2 2017. The six most common cyberattack methods criminals used in Q2 2018 are:

  1. Malware 49% – Spyware, malware, and remote administration malware are just some of the ways your servers, workstations, and data are being compromised.
  2. Social Engineering 25% – These are popular ways to trick you, making you think information is coming from a trusted source before infecting your system. Beware of messages, links, or attachments designed to target you for confidential or financial information.
  3. Hacking 21% – Hacking involves attacking a vulnerability in the software hardware you are using. Governments, banks, and cryptocurrency platforms are highly targeted, and hacking is often the first step in an attack according to the report.
  4. Credential Compromise 19% – Designed to steal your passwords and access credentials, password management apps may be vulnerable to attack.
  5. Web Attacks 18% – Website operators can be extorted for profit, sometimes stealing client databases or shutting down the website.
  6. DDoS 5% – Business rivals, disgruntled clients, and hacktivists use DDoS attacks. Criminals also perform attacks for profit, taking websites offline, or demand payment to stop the attacks.

Taking steps to centralizing update management, antivirus protections on all systems and endpoints, encrypting sensitive information, backups, etc. are just some of the ways that Newave Solutions can help you minimize or prevent cyberattacks that can cost you your business. You can read the full report here.


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