Dark Web. Clearnet. Deep Web. What does it mean?

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At Newave we try to share information about technology, but it is difficult to avoid industry jargon. We’ve been posting on social media lately about passwords and breached data being traded and sold on the Dark Web… So, what is that? Isn’t there just one “web”?

It sounds very nefarious. Dark Web, Backweb, Onionweb. However, the Dark Web is utilized by law enforcement, journalists, and many other organizations for legitimate reasons.

The difference is in the anonymity.

Dark Web access requires use of security tools that keeps your web activity anonymous. The Internet, or Clearnet, that most of us use, has a myriad of ways to track and log your web traffic.

Here’s a quick list that can help you understand what you’re reading about:

Dark Web: Sites and servers that use encryption to obscure traffic

Clearnet: Sites that track user data, drop cookies, share IP data, or any that do not use SSL

Deep Web: Pages on the internet that are not accessible to the public or indexable by search engines (e.g. corporate intranet, secure bank pages, private social media accounts)

Essentially, the Dark Web is here to stay, and is both beneficial and necessary for proponents of encryption. The anonymity that it provides also benefits criminals too; but this is why Newave Solutions is fully invested in keeping your data safe for you and your business.

At the end of the day, it’s not very practical for the average consumer, and waiting for your IP address to bounce around the globe through a network of encrypted IP addresses before accessing the information you need seems like a lot of trouble.

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