Laptop Buying Advice from Jeff Brown, Newave Sales Engineer

Side of laptop wit USB C Power connector

Purchasing a new laptop for use at home can be frustrating and confusing. Most people want the most economical solution to their computing needs, but it is difficult to know what features are important to you. 

We asked Newave Sales Engineer Jeff Brown for his advice and what he think is important to consider when purchasing a new laptop or PC. Here’s what he had to say:

Small and lightweight

I used to want a laptop with a bigger screen and was envious of those with larger screens. Now I want a 13.3” or 14” – and no bigger. It’s too heavy and hard to use in small spaces, like on an airplane.

I5 Processor +

I would not purchase a new PC with less than an i5 processor, and I would not spend a lot of money to get an i7 over an i5. There is a lot of difference in an i9 processor, but you are going to pay a premium for that.

8 GB of RAM +

I can’t believe how many manufacturers are selling PCs with 4 GB RAM. Windows 10 recommends a minimum of 8 GB RAM, so any pc with less will run slow.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

The electronic hard drive is the single most significant performance enhancement I’ve seen in desktop PCs. It doesn’t have to be the latest PCI NVME drive, but make sure you are purchasing a computer with a SSD drive if at all possible.

Windows HOME or PRO?

If you are using the computer at home, there is almost no need for the PRO version. If you are buying and office PC for an environment with a server, you are going to spend another $100-$150 upgrading to PRO to work in the server environment.

Touch Screen?

We are so used to touching our phones and tablets it can be a nuisance to NOT have touch screen on your laptop, but it is an expensive upgrade and may not really be necessary for what you do. Think about that before you head to the store.

USB C with Power

The new USB C connector is extremely versatile. The lightning bolt means if you have a DOCK that connects to that port, you don’t have to use your other power adapter. I’ve read reviews that suggest not all manufacturers have this technology figured out, but even if you can’t charge your laptop from that port, there is so much more you can do with it than previous USB ports and it is worth it to fight for that feature.


Bluetooth is a MUST HAVE. Get a Bluetooth mouse and possibly a set of Bluetooth headphones.

There you have it… Jeff has given some great advice about purchasing a new laptop or PC in 2019. As always, a Newave Expert is just a click or call away.

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