Introducing “Brewave Solutions” – Where Ideas and Innovation Percolate

At Newave Solutions, serving is at the heart of everything that we do. Our newest way to serve, Brewave Solutions, is no different. It’s a product of what happens when a desire to serve, personal passion for innovation, and a need for community come together.

How did Brewave Solutions begin?

Brewave Solutions began as the brainchild of an awesome Newave employee – Matt.

Matt can tell you anything you want to know about what makes a truly great cup of coffee. He’s not your average coffee lover – he’s a coffee connoisseur.

A few years ago, Matt began roasting his own espresso beans at home. He brought his homemade coffee into the office every morning, attempting to convince his co-workers that his small-batch coffee tasted better than any office coffee could.

Matt’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. It wasn’t long after someone else in the office had tried his homemade brew that the rest of the whole team got on board. The stuff was good.

We knew he couldn’t make enough coffee at home to supply the whole office, so we decided the best way to for Matt to serve others was getting his own commercial-grade roaster to use at the office.

Now, Matt roasts fresh espresso at the office every single week for our team because he enjoys serving others with his unique passion.

Matt’s passion for excellent coffee, combined with his heart to serve has turned into a company-wide initiative. Here at Newave Solutions, we support that passion. We also love drinking his coffee.

What does any of that have to do with IT Services?

It has more to do with Newave as a company and a culture that cares about individual success as much as the services that we provide. We know that we aren’t the only choice for IT Solutions. We also know what makes us different – the Newave work family and our business partnerships.

Brewave is a concept, a think-tank, a test space for sharing and collaborating, a brand that reflects the innovation that is always the Newest Wave. Brewave is driven by showcasing and celebrating people, their talents, and their passions.

Brewave is a verb. Well, not really a verb, but we like to think about it that way. Have an idea that isn’t fully developed? Grab a cup of coffee with a team member, collaborate, bounce ideas around, see what manifests.


We are more than one-dimensional IT nerds, and you are more than just a customer. We are coffee connoisseurs, fishermen, marathon runners, parents, music lovers, gym rats, entrepreneurs, mission makers… and so many other things that make us each unique and enrich us so that we can live our best lives.

What’s next for Brewave Solutions?

To put it simply, something’s always brewing. Something’s always percolating.  

We’ve decided that the Brewave deserves to be shared outside of the walls of our office. If you’ve been by our office recently, there’s a good chance you’ve tried Matt’s delicious coffee. But if not, we encourage you to swing by sometime to grab a cup.

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