Windows 7 End of Life: Newave Can Help You Upgrade


According to Microsoft, the Windows 7 End of Life phase begins on January 14, 2020. As of that date, Microsoft will no longer provide support or security updates to the operating system. In 4th quarter of 2018, 37% of Windows operating system users were on Windows 7 (Home and Pro). That means hundreds of millions of people are impacted by the change.

How does this affect my security?
Can I keep using Windows 7?

You can keep using Windows 7, it’s not going to stop working, but those still using the Windows 7 operating system are immediate targets for security breaches and compromised data. This is because without security patches and updates, there is nothing to prevent hackers from manipulating the system to exploit you and the hundreds of millions of users just like you.

Procrastinating on your operating system upgrade could be the most devastating choice you never made.

Newave Solutions Makes [upgrading] IT About You…

While some Windows 7 computers can be upgraded to Windows 10, the best way to secure and take advantage of the latest hardware advancements is to upgrade to a new computer with Windows 10 pre-installed.

Expect more from a Windows 10 computer. From convenient touchscreens, to voice control, to fingerprint and facial recognition, today’s Windows 10 computers are built for a busy lifestyle.


Stream and search with the speed you need. With faster processors and the latest technology, experience faster startups, responsive software, and web-pages that load quickly.


Windows 10 delivers comprehensive, built-in and ongoing security protection you can trust. Keep your family and business safer online.


Whether you’re working playing, browsing or binging, Windows 10 computers offer exceptional battery life for all.


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