Part 4 Where Are Passwords Headed?

Passwords are a dying breed. Every company and security firm across the globe know it’s only a matter of time before even the most complicated password is cracked. Because of this, the traditional password must be phased out. The public has already seen bits and pieces of this, such as two-factor authentication (push notifications) and […]

Part 3 How To Keep Up With And Remember Strong Passwords

In a blog written for the New York Times, the author interviews two cyber-security experts, Jeremiah Grossman, and Paul Kocher. The author goes on to explain how these security researchers protect and remember their super complex passwords. Grossman copies and pastes his passwords directly into and out of an encrypted USB drive. He generates a […]

Part 2 What Does A Strong Password Look Like?

Many companies, such as LastPass, utilize a password generator and a formula to spit out an unintelligible combination of letters, symbols, and numbers much like this one, “19Qu^Tf3U55j”. This is considered a quality password, but most of the public never have and never will employ a password like it. A Strong Password: Contains at least […]

Part 1 How Do Passwords Get Hacked?

A Hack Here. A Hack There. A Hack Everywhere. Monster, 2007 – 1.6 Million Accounts Compromised Personal information was hacked and used to exploit account holders and extort them for money. Phishing emails that appeared to come directly from Monster contained specific account details and encouraged users to download a malicious program. For those that […]

Apparently to Facebook “private” only meant that third parties and hackers could see it.

You’ve probably heard by now that over 50 million Facebook users’ private data had been stolen by Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 presidential campaign. Here’s a summary of the story: Data firm Cambridge Analytica accessed data from 50 million Facebook users during the 2016 US presidential campaign without the users’ permission. Facebook suspended the firm from its […]