Free Wi-Fi Doesn’t Mean Safe Wi-Fi

Have you ever used a public Wi-Fi signal here in Tulsa? If you live here, it’s highly likely and it’s even more likely you’ve tapped into a free signal during your travels. We are a culture on the move and we are becoming more and more mobile every day. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, 32,000 feet in […]

There is a dark side to having smart-everything

With the onslaught of new technology hitting the market every month, it’s easy to fall for the convenience of having a smarthome, a smartphone, and a smartcar. We all fawn over the commercials showing a person commanding their house to dim the lights, set the oven to pre-heat, put on a show, and adjust the […]

Good cybersecurity protects your company from more that just external threats

The cybersecurity you use doesn’t just protect you from the latest malware—it’s an insurance policy that protects your staff, your clients, and the way you do business. Data breaches are no longer a thing of science fiction movies. They happen all around you. Breaches are a costly nightmare that can affect your business from every […]

4 Ways to Protect Against the Very Real Threat of Ransomware

1. Make sure everything is up-to-date and patched to the most recent version Ransomware searches for vulnerabilities in your software and operating system to find a way in and carry out its malicious plans. The WannaCry ransomware discovered a security hole in the Windows operating system and used it to spread across networks. Vulnerabilities can […]

What is your business doing to combat Malware and Hackers?

First, read what a Managed Service Provider is before you take a deeper look into how an MSP protects your company. And here’s How MSP’s protect you from the human element, if you missed it. Here are the more advanced threats that can harm your company, and why an MSP is your best option. Malware According to Google, malware (short […]

How partnering with an MSP protects you from the human element

Not sure if you should partner your business with an MSP? Managed service providers are here to protect your business. Whether you have an IT person on board or not, an MSP can raise the bar in protecting your operation. Now, let’s get into how partnering with an MSP protects you from the human element. […]

6 Online Habits You Don’t Want to Pickup

Bad habits come in all shapes and sizes, and they even come in the digital variety. And these digital bad habits are just like most bad habits – hard to break, expensive, and can potentially ruin your reputation. But which online habits are the most damaging to pick up? Here are a few to watch […]

What Are Managed IT Services & How Do They Benefit Businesses?

Managed IT services are a simple and affordable way for business owners to keep their communications networks fast, secure, and functional. Under the care of a professional team, these outsourced services set up infrastructure, monitor network activity, respond to security threats, and provide prompt and cost-effective solutions. If you’re looking to simplify your business technology, here are […]

Part 4 Where Are Passwords Headed?

Passwords are a dying breed. Every company and security firm across the globe know it’s only a matter of time before even the most complicated password is cracked. Because of this, the traditional password must be phased out. The public has already seen bits and pieces of this, such as two-factor authentication (push notifications) and […]

Part 3 How To Keep Up With And Remember Strong Passwords

In a blog written for the New York Times, the author interviews two cyber-security experts, Jeremiah Grossman, and Paul Kocher. The author goes on to explain how these security researchers protect and remember their super complex passwords. Grossman copies and pastes his passwords directly into and out of an encrypted USB drive. He generates a […]