10 Reasons Companies Are Moving Communications to the Cloud Today

We're all hearing about the cloud these days. It's a popular catchword in communications but yet there are reasons to believe it's not just a passing phase. In fact, smart businesses worldwide are asking if it's a smart move and getting solid answers in reply. Here are 10 real-world reasons so many businesses are moving communications to the cloud today:

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Managed Services Can Save You

Business success today isn't just about having the best product or service anymore. It's really about being proactive with your organizational strategy and shaping an effective method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

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Choosing a Phone System Tailored to Your Business Needs

Just like you mixed and matched your clothes this morning, you need the same variety of options with your company's phone system. Everybody's style is different and your communication needs require tailoring to address them optimally.

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With the Cloud, You Can Weather Any Storm

It's almost December, and damaging winter weather is a sure sign of the season in much of Oklahoma. Strong winds, snow, hail and ice – it's enough to give even the most fearless organization a chill right down to their network backbone.

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Passwords: Your Greatest Vulnerability

How do passwords get hacked? Hacking occurs everywhere, to anyone, and sometimes for no better reason than to have a little fun. The first line of defense against any good hack is a good password. A nicely formatted password can withstand even the most brutal of attacks.

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